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Business In Chauvin

Canada offers a stable political climate, a predictable business environment, and a strong and stable economy. Consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world, Canada exudes a spirit of strong entrepreneurialism, making it one of the most attractive destination in the world for business.

A Supportive Environment With Major Potential for Growth and Innovation

Chauvin’s economic development goals present a wealth of opportunities for sustainable growth. With its petroleum and agriculture industry serving as the mature mainstay of the present local economy, Chauvin is more than ready for a third force in its economic makeup.  By harnessing the potential of newly arriving IT businesses to provide reason for promoting collaboration among stakeholders, the region can unlock its full potential to generate a thriving business environment that benefits all. Join the journey of Chauvin’s transformation and become an important part of its promising future.

Enterprises operating in the area

Several enterprises have chosen Chauvin as their base of operations due to its favorable business environment. These enterprises have become an integral part of the community, driving economic growth and providing valuable employment opportunities.

Schopfer Farms:

Agronomic cornerstone

Large fourth-generation grain and cattle operation with their grain storage elevators serving as Chauvin's landmark.

Tiene Energy:

Major player in Canadian hydrocarbons sector

Tiene Energy provides Canadians with domestically sourced, environmentally responsible energy. Chauvin's operations possess custom treating facilities.

BluEarth Renewables:

Empowering Tomorrow, Today

BluEarth Renewables is a leading independent power producer acquiring, developing, and building wind, hydro, and solar facilities across North America.

Benoit Oilfield Construction:

Powered by Excellence

Benoit Oilfield Construction provides oilfield construction and maintenance needs of oilfields, commercial operations and farms and ranches, commercial hauling and excavation services.

SteelView Energy and Industrial Services:

Strength in Service

Steel View is a high growth, privately owned oilfield and industrial service company with Canadian Headquarters’ located in Chauvin, Alberta.

Chauvin Gardens:

Green Oasis

Chauvin Gardens is a seasonal Greenhouse operation offering established vegetable and flowering plants, vegetables for sale, growing supplies, and outdoor decorations.

Chauvin's business community working together, thriving on supportive spirit!

By leveraging the experience and expertise of our present business to embrace digital transformation, Chauvin can pave the way for its technology-based partners to create a sustainable future.

Be part of a community that values progress and opportunity. Join us in Chauvin’s journey towards growth.

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