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Discover the Rural Roots of a Vibrant and Supportive Community

Welcome to Chauvin

Fostering Business Potential and Community Growth

Small Village, Big Dreams

Located in the beautiful Western Canadian province of Alberta, the wide open spaces of Chauvin provide a welcoming environment for technology-based individuals and businesses looking to relocate to Canada.

With a unique combination of easy-going lifestyle, space, and freedom, the little village with a big dream makes for an especially ideal destination for professionals seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Chauvin offers abundant business advantage for those eager to make their mark in the information technology sector. Get in on the ground floor of a new way to position your location selection in North America.

Driving Economic Development through Innovation

Chauvin’s undeveloped environment is fertile ground for IT businesses aiming to expand to Canada. CEDDI, Chauvin’s digital economic development initiative facilitates partnerships between local businesses and the global IT industry. Concierge-style support is provided for the startup period and ongoing assistance is available during growth cycles.

Partnering with CEDDI gains you access to Canadian federal and Alberta provincial mentorship programs, business networking, and resources to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Chauvin; At the centre of everything in the Canadian prairie region, and zero digital distance to major markets around the globe

With a wealth of digital accessibility to North American continental markets, Chauvin is a viable location for companies planning a branch operation or re-location.

For the company seeking local markets, Chauvin is located roughly equidistant to five major cities in the Prairie Region of Canada – Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lloydminster, and Saskatoon, plus a host of smaller cities and towns.

The surrounding area is home to large agri-businesses, farms and ranches, as well as a significant oil and gas operations.  Agriculture and the petroleum industry are mainstays in the economy of the Chauvin region, with opportunities for tech companies in the supply networks of Chauvin’s present industries.

map of CEDDI's Western Canada

The Perfect Balance of Opportunity and Support

Living and Working in a Country Community

When it comes to living in Chauvin, you will enjoy small-village charm and modern amenities – the best of both worlds.

With its high standard of living, welcoming spirit and easy-going attitude, Chauvin businesses and their employees seeking to establish a presence in Canada will enjoy twin advantages of a healthy satisfying lifestyle, combined with a quietly focused work atmosphere. Innovation and entrepreneurship flourishes in such environments.

Embrace the charm of Chauvin, and enjoy a fulfilling life in an environment that nurtures both personal and professional growth.

Harnessing Government and Provincial Incentives

Chauvin’s partnership with Alberta’s provincial support system ensures that businesses in Chauvin have access to financial resources, expert guidance, and tailored programs to support their growth.

We believe in nurturing innovation, providing the necessary tools to help you make a lasting impact on the digital economy.


Becoming a part of a well-funded economy

Canada and Chauvin enjoy a well-funded economy, affording businesses the capital and resources they need to thrive.

In global perspective, the village and area have remained affluent in spite of the global pandemic and ensuing downturns. The accumulated surplus of this village is almost $21,000 per resident, giving it significant leverage for investment in its future. With successful companies entering the local market,  financial support from both public and private entities can be encouraged.

Our goal is to groom businesses in Chauvin for success.

A supportive community where like-minded people drive innovation.

Experience the  high standards of local living in the calm of one of Canada’s unique modern rural villages. Here you will discover tailor-made opportunities for growth and innovation in a productivity-nurturing environment.

It’s CEDDI’s job to cultivate the type of atmosphere where your company and its talented knowledge workers are able to enjoy peaceful co-existence in a community that places a premium value on co-operation, unity, and personal freedom.

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