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Chauvin Economic Development - Digital Initiative

Unlocking North American Opportunity for Global Digital Industries
Embracing Technology for Economic Development

The Chauvin Economic Development Digital Initiative (CEDDI) is a groundbreaking program designed to propel the Village into the foreground of the digital economy.

CEDDI was established as a Mayor’s Committee in October 2022 to stimulate a flourishing business environment in Chauvin by attracting international IT companies.

Chauvin presents a unique opportunity to foster sustainable growth in Canada by combining its distinctly rural charms with ground-breaking technology companies from around the world who seek to re-locate or set up branch operations in the wide open spaces of Canada’s west.

Bringing Tech Innovation to Chauvin

At the heart of the CEDDI lies the vision to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to the local community. We recognize the importance of embracing technological advancements as a means to fuel economic growth and prosperity.

Chauvin has a rich agricultural history – beef and dairy cattle, hogs, wheat, oats, canola, barley, and agri-industry support businesses – dating back to the early 20th century. The village and its local area are home to thriving oilfield companies which play a vital role in the region’s economy through their production and distribution of high-quality natural gas and oil.

By creating an ecosystem that supports tech-driven businesses, the initiative serves as a catalyst to become a hub of innovation, attracting both local and international companies seeking to establish a presence in the digital economy.

Sustainable Growth and Prosperity

CEDDI is committed to driving sustainable growth and prosperity in Chauvin and beyond. By prioritizing sustainable development practices and encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions, the initiative ensures long-term economic success while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Through our focus on cultivating a digital economy within the local community, the initiative aims to create a vibrant and resilient ecosystem that benefits businesses, residents, and the region as a whole.

By leveraging the village’s unique formula combining a relaxed friendly lifestyle, concierge-style re-location assistance, ready supply of high-speed internet service, and generous tax relief programs, CEDDI is positioning Chauvin as a new hub for international high-tech industries.

Opening Doors for Ukrainian IT Companies to Canada

The Chauvin Economic Development Digital Initiative extends its reach beyond local opportunities, offering a gateway for Ukrainian IT companies to expand their operations to Canada. With a keen recognition of the potential and expertise possessed by these companies, we provide them with a supportive environment to establish a strong foothold in the Canadian market.

With its vibrant ecosystem and welcoming community, Chauvin will become an ideal launching pad for Ukrainian IT enterprises to reach new heights of success and make a lasting impact on the local economy.

CEDDI has set off on a plan to incubate employers of certain sectors of the information and communication industry in the community. This plan seeks to create a business-friendly environment that attracts Ukrainian IT companies to the village, while also providing existing businesses with the resources and support they need to grow and thrive.

Future Community Economic Investments

The unifying theme of CEDDI’s Technology-based Economic Development Master Plan is to create, grow, and sustain a multi-faceted digital economic base that in the future will include research and development, development studios, technology manufacturing, and administrative office operations. Accordingly, the new technology operations will also stimulate retail and services, plus other types of endeavors that will find Chauvin and its digital economy an attractive location.

As a first step, CEDDI has commenced working with international employers in certain sectors of the global information and communication industry to incubate their startups in the community. This activity  seeks to create a business-friendly environment that attracts international IT companies to the village, while also providing existing and new businesses with the resources and support they need to thrive.

Our future builds on the following present-day activities and plans of CEDDI:

Developing a business incubator

The business incubator program offers office space and access to business resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities for new and innovative entrepreneurial companies. It provides a supportive environment for these companies to grow and succeed.

Establishing a co-working space

The purpose of establishing a co-working space is to provide a collaborative and affordable working environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It encourages collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing among individuals from different backgrounds.

Promoting sustainable development

The plan promotes sustainable development by encouraging environmentally-friendly practices such as renewable energy utilization, water conservation, and waste management. It aims to minimize the environmental impact while fostering economic growth.

Providing a Smart Village strategy

The objective of the Smart Village strategy is to leverage the strengths of fibre-optic connectivity, energy capacity, and availability, as well as access to technology companies to improve the community’s livability and sustainability. It aims to enhance the quality of life for residents by implementing smart technologies and infrastructure

Creating a technology park

The goals of the technology park development are to attract and retain high-tech companies, stimulate economic growth, and provide access to advanced technology infrastructure.

The park serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, fostering the growth of the technology sector in Chauvin.

Evolving a sustainable tourism plan

Chauvin leverages its unique natural area and community recreation amenities to attract visitors while preserving the natural environment.

The region promotes its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and recreational facilities to entice tourists who appreciate nature-based experiences.

Offering more tax incentives

Chauvin offers tax incentives to attract new businesses and companies, and also supports the expansion of existing ones. These incentives aim to create a favorable business environment, stimulate economic growth, and encourage investment in the region.

Supporting the development of renewable energy projects

The goal of the program supporting the development of renewable energy projects in Chauvin is to reduce the region’s reliance on fossil fuels.

By promoting the establishment of wind and solar power projects, the program aims to harness sustainable energy sources, mitigate environmental impact, and contribute to a greener future.

Promoting the construction of smart buildings

The program for smart buildings in Chauvin aims to utilize technology to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance comfort and safety.

By adopting smart building technologies, Chauvin can optimize energy usage, streamline operations, and create more sustainable and intelligent infrastructures.

Encouraging the growth of local businesses

The program supporting the growth of local businesses in Chauvin provides training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Its purpose is to empower and assist local entrepreneurs and businesses by equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to thrive in the market.

This program fosters economic development and strengthens the local business community.

Supporting the development of creative industries in Chauvin

The program supporting the development of creative industries, such as arts, culture, and design, in Chauvin, aims to promote economic development and enhance the community’s livability.

By fostering the growth of creative sectors, the program encourages innovation, cultural expression, and artistic endeavors, contributing to the local economy and overall quality of life.

Improving transportation infrastructure in Chauvin

The objective of the strategic plan for transportation infrastructure in Chauvin is to improve connectivity and support economic growth.

The plan focuses on developing a well-designed transportation system that enhances accessibility, facilitates the movement of goods and people, and supports the efficient functioning of businesses and industries in the region.

Promoting local agriculture and food production

By supporting and encouraging local farmers, the program aims to reduce dependence on imports, enhance food security, and strengthen the local economy. It encourages sustainable farming practices and fosters a connection between the community and the local food system.

Collaborating for Success

CEDDI is proud to collaborate with leading regional organization Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED), and provincial organizations and government services such as the Ukrainian – Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council, Catholic Social Services Alberta, and Jobs, Economy and Northern Development – Government of Alberta

Through these partnerships, we provide Chauvin with access to the latest economic development tools and resources, fostering an environment that enables our businesses to compete more effectively in the global market.

Professional Mentoring and Support

With CEDDI’s assistance, gain access to professional mentors and experts in entrepreneurship and related fields who offer ongoing advice and support in various areas. From financing and human resources to business planning, our experienced partners are here to guide you through the process. Through services designed for results, you can better understand the opportunities and challenges of acquiring new customers and make informed decisions before establishing your business. Personalized support ensures you receive the guidance in the way you need to succeed.

Settling into the Chauvin Community

At CEDDI, we understand the importance of a smooth transition when launching your business in Canada. We offer professional counseling and settlement assistance to help you and your team adapt to the Canadian market and the Chauvin community, providing valuable advice and guidance on local resources, employment opportunities, housing, transportation, and more. We work alongside you to ensure you and your business feel welcomed and supported as you settle into the community of Chauvin.

Launching Your Business in Chauvin

With CEDDI’s help, effectively plan and manage the expenses associated with relocating your company to our community. Leveraging our resources and knowledge base, we provide you with a localized detailed breakdown of your expenses, allowing you to confidently include them in your business plan. Work with CEDDI, you can build solid financial foundations for your business and ensure a comprehensive understanding of your finances and a well-prepared approach to launching your business in Chauvin.

Through the Chauvin Digital Initiative (CEDDI), businesses, investors, and potential employees have a central hub to connect, learn, and collaborate.

CEDDI offers a range of resources and tools to support the growth of the digital economy in the Village of Chauvin. These include business advice, networking opportunities, funding sources, and regulatory guidance. With these support systems in place, businesses are better equipped to grow in the area and make larger contributions to the digital economy.

Join CEDDI in creating a vibrant community for technology-based businesses to thrive!

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